Denise Ryan is one of Ireland’s most exciting contemporary poets. Denise’s poems offer an immediate intimacy, but also an implicit emotional realism that consistently sustains their thematic substance. Her control gives way easily to her emotions, and in turn her emotions give way to her control. This is wholly Denise’s stamp, her methodology, her way of holding the world before herself. Denise’s poetry exposes the real limitations of the confessional school of self-absorption variety i.e. the Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton School. Her poetry will bring the world to you, which makes her work wholly beyond the mundanity of navel gazing and self-hatred.

Denise has been published in THE SHOP, Crannóg Magazine, and also several online journals including Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts.

Between 2010 and 2013, Denise  was selected to write a series of poems for the National Famine Commemoration. These included Flowers of Humility, An Gorta Mór, and No Tulips in Winter. In 2010 Flowers of Humility was read at the Dublin Commemoration and at the overseas twinning event in New York in Battery Park when President Mary McAleese officiated at the ceremony. Denise has been internationally received and has been highly recommended, shortlisted and runner-up in several poetry competitions. These include The Francis Ledwidge, and the Jonathan Swift awards. She is a member of the Rathmines Writers Workshop, which is the longest running writers workshop in Ireland. Denise’s poetry has been published as part of an anthology through the workshop’s Swan Press, entitled Prose on a Bed of Rhyme (2012).

Denise’s first book, Of Silken Waters, was published in Autumn 2017, through Ara Pacis Publishers (Chicago, USA), and Thomas Sanfilip (publisher and editor of serious contemporary fiction and poetry).